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The waters of the Yazoo River system actually begin with the Coldwater river, which converges with the Tallahatchie river after traveling about 210 miles through the rich Mississippi Delta country. The Tallahatchie River and the Yalobusha River meet at Greenwood, MS to form the Yazoo River. The approximate length of the Coldwater-Tallahatchie-Yazoo system is 500 miles, making it a major contributer to the mighty Mississippi river. The Yazoo River, after canalizations and cuttoffs, is currently about 169 miles long. The Yazoo Canal and River converges with the Mississippi River at Lower MRM 437.2 left descending bank in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Please Note that this programs mile markers for river miles 3 to 119 are taken from the USACE data and placed at normal accuracy rates, but miles 0,1,& 2 are visually placed in the Yazoo Canal, and are not accurate at all, being placed there to allow route tracing only! Also, miles 120 through 169 are computer generated by yours truly, as I could not find USACE or old Topographic maps that contained them. Use at your own risk, accuracy is not guaranteed. Thanks.