PAINT ROCK RIVER: Latitude = 34.476332, Longitude = -86.467359, Zoom=14

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Mile 0.0 of the Paint Rock River is on the right descending bank at mile 343.2 of the Tennessee River, below Guntersville Dam. This winding river travels nearly 60 miles. This viewer covers the entire river. Accuracy is believed to be within 1/10th mile. Clark Bluff, on the Tennessee river at the mouth of the Paint Rock is truly a "painted rock" and may be the source of this rivers name.
The land on the upper section of the Paint Rock River on the bottom of the stream and land adjacent to the stream may be privately owned, and permission must be obtained from the landowner prior to crossing or wading these areas. Water access can be obtained from county road bridge right-of-ways crossing the river. The Paint Rock River (Jackson County) from its junction with the Tennessee River up to the mouth of Larkins Fork, river mile 55.4, was declared navigable by the Alabama Legislature Acts of 1825, page 78, approved January 4, 1826.

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