OBION RIVER: Latitude = 35.907127, Longitude = -89.639125, Zoom=14

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Mile 0.0 of the Obion River is at mile 819.3 of the Lower Mississippi River. The Obion has four major forks, the North Fork, Middle Fork, South Fork and Rutherford Fork. This viewer covers the last 83 miles of the Obion, starting in the Middle Fork. Accuracy is near 1/10th mile. There are 5 Wildlife Management Areas and one State Park on this portion of the river. The river boundary miles below are just a guess.
Miles 2.9 to 8.8 are in the Moss Island State Wildlife Management Area .
Miles 55.5 to 61.7 are in the Gooch State Wildlife Management Area .
Miles 61.7 to 68 are in the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area .
Miles 68.6 to 70 are in the Hop-In State Wildlife Management Area .
Miles 70 to 75.3 are in the Obion River Wildlife Management Area .
Miles 75.3 to 76.9 and 78 to 81 are in the Big Cypress Tree State Park .
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