ARKANSAS/VERDIGRIS RIVER: Latitude = 33.951388, Longitude = -91.081111, Zoom=13
River Mile Point

Mile-to-Mile Distance
Statute Miles Nautical Miles  Kilometers

Selecting the 'Mark' menu item allows a click anywhere on the map to display latitude, longitude, and address at that point-of-interest (POI).
If a mark is created within 1 mile of the map center point, it is assumed to be a potential river mile point and calculated as such.
Straight line distance from the last POI to map center at river mile
was miles or kilometers.

The Arkansas River is a tributary of the Lower Mississippi River at approximately Lower Mississippi r. mile 581.3, right descending bank. It is the major river in the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System. Mile 0 through 19 of this navigation system and of these photo mosaics are on the White River (mi. 0 - 9), and the Arkansas Post Canal (mi. 10 - 19) which is the preferred connector to the Mississippi river. If you know of a source of latitudes and longitudes from the mouth of the Arkansas river to the Arkansas Post Canal junction, please let me know, and those mile markers will be added to this site.

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