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       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - Sep 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 14        (Sep 2nd)

Hello Crew!
Well, I just got home and need a shower and nap, but I wanted to send a few pictures first. Going to send smaller as they are not towboats, but this was my first trip to Duluth Mn. Never saw Lake Superior before. Don't need to go back this winter either! I'll get caught up later, and have some pictures from Dubuque. All of these picture were taken at a little harbor under the interstate 53 hwy. bridge. Duluth Mn. 09/02/07

Pics 15 - 21       (Sep 3rd)

  • CIMARRON sitting in the harbor waiting on her barge to be repaired. Another new boat for our log book! 09/03/07 Ice Harbor, Dubuque IA.
  • ELVA LEE stern shot SUNFLOWER to her port. Darcee Lane to her starbord.
  • JAIME LYNN sitting in dry dock out of the harbor in the river? Not sure why she was out of the Ice Harbor other than it had a lot of traffic over the weekend?
  • JAIME LYNN with a wheel on the deck? Wish I could have stayed around until the Guys came to work the next day, but I took off about 02:15.
  • JULIEN DUBUQUE downbound in Dubuque IA. 09/03/07. Another new boat for our logbook!
  • Hey Crew. I had the opportunity to spend the night in Dubuque IA. 09/03/07. Got a couple of new boats for the Izona log book! Rose M downbound lightboat!

Pics 22 - 25        (Sep 7th)

  • SHOW-ME-STATE downbound in the chamber @ lock 18! 07 Sept. 07
    Thought we would take a drive this morning and watch the Show-Me-State lock through. Going to take a boat ride, but things got in the way. Maybe tomorrow?
  • SHOW-ME-STATE shoving out of lock 18 downbound with full tow. 07 Sept. 07
  • BRUCE T entering the lock from the south end. 07 Sept. 07
  • BRUCE T approaching the north end of lock 18 with her Sister Bette-Lynn tied to the outside wall! 07 Sept. 07

Pics 26 - 38        (Sep 10th)

  • LOREE ECKSTEIN downbound just above the old Keithsburg RR bridge. 10 Sept. 07
  • I think we were waiting on lock 17 when this feller got mad at me!
  • ED RENSHAW downbound just above lock 17! 10 Sept. 07
  • MIKE BIRD downbound about New Boston. Another (Jessica) KIRBY boat? 10 Sept 07
  • MIKE BIRD with an unusual looking barge for around here. By the way, this was a new boat for our crew!
  • CAPT NEWT upbound lightboat Muscatine IA. 10 Sept. 07 Hey Crew!
    We took quite a ride yesterday! Launched Izona in Burlington @ 06:30 and headed north for Muscatine. This would involve locking through lock 18 and lock 17. We got a lot of pictures and a few new boats for the Izona logbook! I'll send one picture of each boat, and remember I take lots of shots so let me know if you want other views of a particular boat! As you can tell we had rain on and off, but no worries in Izona! We traveled up to Muscatine where we turned for home and returned to the dock in Burlington at about 19:45! What a day! Izona burned 3/4 of her 50 gal. on board fuel. 1/2 tank up and 1/4 home. I think you professionals call it "slow-belling" on the return trip? Hope you like the pictures!!
  • WALTER E BLESSEY JR shoving into lock 16 above Muscatine.
  • NATHAN upbound in Muscatine IA. Love the industry in Muscatine. $$$$ = Jobs! 10 Sept. 07
  • COOPERATIVE AMBASSADOR downbound above Keithburg Ill. 10 Sept. 07
  • MISS KELLY sitting in the harbor at Keithsburg Ill. 10 Sept. 07
  • MR WAYNE upbound around Oquawka Ill. Another new boat for our logbook! 10 Sept. 07
  • SIR RANDY J upbound with a big wave from the crew! 10 Sept. 07
  • BRUCE T just above Oquawka Ill. lightboat upbound at dusk. 10 Sept. 07

Pics 39 - 46        (Sep 21st)

  • JAIME LYNN DSCF2541 running lightboat just below Muscatine IA.
    Look close and you will find 3 towboats in this shot! More pictures from our boat ride on 09/21/07 in Izona. Some shots are a bit out of focus as the boat was moving and so was I! Taken just below Burlington, downbound!
  • GENERAL WARREN DSCF3231 downbound just below Burlington! 09/21/07
  • WILLIAM A THOMPSON USACOE & GENERAL WARREN just below Burlington IA. with the bluff in her background! Doesn't get any better than that! 09/21/07
  • GENERAL WARREN DSCF3238 another view!
  • FIEDLER DSCF3243 downbound just below the BNRR bridge. 09/21/07
  • FLUEKIGER-BUTLER DSCF3252 another view from the stern.
  • CLERMONT DSCF3260 Thought we might as well give the Clermont a bump in the butt with Izona! Up close and personnel! 09/21/07 North of Burlington!

Pics 47 - 48        (Sep 23rd)

  • Took a ride up to the dam and Miss Lucky barked, this guy took off, and I shot!
  • JAMES F NEAL upbound above Burlington IA. 23 Sept. 07 I know we all have way better pictures of this boat, but I though I might as well send one. We went for a short boat ride this morning and saw the James F Neal heading North through town.

Pics 49 - 52        (Sep 25th)

  • DONNA RAE downbound, Burlington IA. 09/25/07 Hey Crew!
    Had to run down to the river to say goodbye. Getting ready to go to work tomorrow. Caught the Donna Rae going past!
  • DONNA RAE & BERNARD G As you can tell the timing was great, but the weather wasn't so good! I hate to take this much sugar out in the rain, but anything for the team! 09/25/07 Burlington IA.
  • BERNARD G with store boat alongside!
  • BERNARD G upbound under the Burlington bridge. 09/25/07 Sorry about the rain!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004