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C-Dory in Bluff Harbor Marina

C-Dory in Bluff Harbor Marina

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - September 06
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 5       (Sep 9th)

Hey Crew!
Lori & Miss Lucky "forced" me to drive them down to look at the river, and look at what we found in Bluff Harbor Marina.
(C-dory picture bonanza..dave)

Pics 6 - 12        (Sep 10th)

Hey Buddy!
We went up to the lock this morning to watch the big boats, and look at who came up river behind us! The Liberty Jayne! Lookin' Good!

Pics 13 - 15        (Sep 10th)

Hey Dave.
Just so you know I'm not the craziest truckdriver in Burlington, my Buddy was launching his "runabout" when Lori and I returned to the docks this afternoon!

Pics 16 - 27        (Sep 11th)

Hey Guys.
This is where we wandered to today. Hamilton Illinois is right across from Keokuk, IA. and is home of Great Lakes Boat Co. It's a small, boat sales and service marina, and a bit tricky to get into. As you can see by the pictures, over the years the water grass has taken over. Not to worry with Izona and her shallow draft. Good thing, about 1.5' to 2' of water in the chute. About 4' farther back. The pictures are numbered by the way they were taken, but when I labeled them it screwed up the order. Hey, what do you expect from a truck driver on vacation?

Pics 28 - 31        (Sep 11th)

Hey Dave & Richard.
Look at what passed us today on our little trip to Keokuk. Quite the boat! Talked to them a while on the VHF. The went from Louisville, KY. to ST. Paul, and now are returning home. What a trip! Really nice people, as they liked our boat too. I could really get used to this vacation thing! Lori likes it too.

Pics 32 - 39        (Sep 12th)

Hello Guys.
Well, I got my Nephew's boat out of the shed (Miss Molly) and went up river to take some pictures. The boats are all close together, and close to the bank, so I thought the little boat would get me in a better position to take pictures. The Melissa K and Bullfrog are side by side. The Universal Nomad has been around here for years, but there's not much left of her. Dan might have a photo in his collection? And the Clermont is the same boat as his old picture!

Pic 40        (Sep 13th)

Picture says it all!

Pics 41 - 45        (Sep 16th)

Well, Good Morning Fellow Boat Lovers!
Thought you might like to check out this rig? This Guy is passing through town, and spent the night in Burlington. Dan, I think he's coming your way? Taking a trip from St. Paul, Richard's part of the world, to New Orleans. Dave, I guess your out of luck! Enjoy (?) the pictures.

Pics 46 - 49        (Sep 16th)

Just a few of the pictures we took on our trip from Muscatine to Rock Island!

Pic 50        (Sep 17th)

Joseph Patrick Eckstein downbound pushing through the BNRR draw bridge!

Pics 51 - 56        (Sep 24th)

Hello Dave!
Well, we took a little ride yesterday up the river to lock and dam 18 to watch the towboats lock through. We were sitting just below the lock at anchor when we heard a pleasure craft call the Lockmaster on channel 14. Was I ever surprised when I turned around and saw a catamaran! We don't see many of them on the Mississippi. They were traveling from St. Petersburg, FLA. to St. Paul, MN.

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004