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       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - Oct 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 4        (Oct 3rd)

Hey Crew!
I had a great week trucking, but never pulled the camera (pee-shooter as John so fondly calls it) out of the sack! I got these pictures from Mark Nichols last week, and he said I could send along with proper credit!

Pic 5        (Oct 5th)

Hey Crew!
Well, I broke down and ordered a trailer a few weeks ago. This is the trailer I'm going to turn into a mini-camper to use for work if I get transferred to another distribution center. It will pull quite nicely behind the Ranger, is small enough to put in the garage, and still big enough for me to move around in. It's 5 x 8 inside, so it's bigger than the sleeper on my truck, and I honestly hope I never need it! But, if I do, I'm ready! Well, not quite ready, but you know what I mean. Still can't get a straight answer from the "powers to be" but they keep taking freight away from our terminal? What's a guy to think? Anyway, enough of that. This will do, and when I retire I'll haul my $$$ in it! Ha Ha!

Pics 6 - 12        (Oct 7th and 8th)

  • Hey Crew!
    I was not going to send any pictures from out trip to Quincy with Big John, but I really like this picture with the bridges in the background. I just thought there would be too many duplicate shots. SIR-ENE 10/07/07 Quincy Illinois!
  • Quincy Boat Club, R/M Mile 327.4 10-07-07
  • Hey Crew!
    After the nice time we had in Quincy with Big Bad John we just had to get back on the river Monday as my Lori had another day off! BETTE-LYNN working the fleet just north of Burlington! 10/08/07
  • We had called the Richard Baker in Quincy, who had a starboard hip-barge at the time, and ordered him to remove it for a better photo opportunity! Here she is upbound in Burlington as ordered!! RICHARD BAKER DSCF3371 10/08/07
  • As we arrived lock 18 the Lockmaster invited us to lock upbound with the Kathy Ellen. Being we were just out for a morning trip, we decided not to. They had towboats stacked up on both sides of the dam and I didn't want to be a pest! My Lori was P.O.'d at me!!! KATHY ELLEN 10/08/07
  • With the gates slowly closing behind her the Kathy slips into the chamber! We turned about and headed for Burlington.
  • As always, a turn around the Matteson Fleet in Burlington Harbor was in order before Izona would return to her trailer! Left to right: Bette-Lynn, Burlington, James L., Taylor B.

Pic 13        (Oct 17th)

ROCK ISLAND 17 Oct 2007 Upbound passing Burlington IA.
Hey Crew.
I never got a shot at a towboat last week on the road, so Mss Lucky made me drive her to the river this morning! She just somehow knows there is a boat in town!!

Pic 14        (Oct 21st)

Hey Crew!
Well, it was a bit too windy for a boat ride so we went for a short trip in my Lori's jeep! Caught the Muscatine and the Davenport tucked in behind the wall at lock 18 North of Burlington. The lock is on the Illinois side of the river.

Pic 15        (Oct 23rd)

Hey Crew.
If you are getting this, you are Friend or Family. Out of that bunch 50% think I'm crazy and the other 50% soon will. Most of you know I might be traveling a ways to go to work in the future. I hope not, but a good Scout is always prepared. Most of you know I had bought an old camper and was going to fix it up a bit and sold it before that happened. I then looked at a Scamp trailer. My Lori said to buy it. I said no. I thought I could buy a cargo trailer, fix it up and save a few dollars. I was wrong. I didn't realize how much that idea bothered my Lori, and my Mother as well for that matter. Today I went to McCausland IA. and bought the Scamp trailer we looked at a while back. My Lori is happy. I now have something to sleep in if needed. I also have a 5'x8' cargo trailer for sale! I just have one question! Has anyone of you Folks ever heard, "I told you so"? Lori doesn't ask for much, and if this makes her feel happier then I'm happier! Probably the smarter thing to buy anyway! I know several of you told me that as well. I won't mention any names, but you know who you are!!!!! The End! No more trailers!!

Pics 16 - 17        (Oct 30th)

  • SUNFLOWER AKA J.S.ALBERICI sitting in Ice Harbor Dubuque IA. 10/24/07
    Hey Crew!
    Well, I made it home. Got to stop in Dubuque last week and caught the Sunflower waiting for a project! Good to be home!
  • ELVA LEE 10/24/07 Ice Harbor, Dubuque IA.
    Couldn't remember her name! Had to call John and will now probably end-up back on probation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pic 18        (Oct 31st)

Sitting outside of Ice Harbor, Dubuque IA. Not a very good shot, but couldn't get around the bank any farther!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004