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Calm Sunday Morning

Calm Sunday Morning

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - November 06
by Tim Powell   

Pic 1        (Nov 5th)

Thought you Guys might like this one? Picture attached!

Pics 2 - 5        (Nov 6th)

David L. Fields, downbound, passing through Burlington.

Hey Guys!
I think we found a new boat. I didn't have it in my collection. The Joe Collins was downbound passing through Burlington yesterday. Hope you can use a couple of these!

Pics 6 - 7        (Nov 8th)

Hey Ya-All.
Thought you might enjoy this view. I was a mile south of Guttenburg Iowa on the bluff. I'm 99% sure that's the Alter Boat, "Kathy Ellen."

Pics 8 - 9        (Nov 17th)

TAYLOR B. Heading upbound around the fleet.
Another view of the River & Taylor B.

Pic 10 - 11        (Nov 18th)

Hey Guys.
Lori & Lucky at the helm. Me on the sandbar. Glad they came back for me!
MV ROBERTA TABOR southbound in lock 18. 11/18/o6

(Nov 19th)

Pic 12: The "Colee I" getting a well deserved rest, alongside her dredge equipment!
Pic 13: The "Bette Lynn" with a full load of corn! 'Midwest Gold'
Pic 14: The "Burlington", hard at work in the fleet!
Pics 15 - 18: This rig was taking bottom samples just north of the BNRR Bridge. You don't see a Mack Truck sitting in the middle of the Mississippi River every day!
Pics 19 - 20: Jennie K! ...Close-up of pilothouse, and Departing the chamber northbound!

Pics 21 - 23        (Nov 22nd)

Hey Richard's Gallery Group.
I caught 3 boats today on my way home. I picked up a load in Davenport, IA. and headed south. Hwy. 22 runs along the river through Buffalo, IA. I stopped at the local gas station in Buffalo for a cup of coffee (a truckers best friend) and spotted the Show Me State upbound. Right behind her was the Lexington running "lightboat." Behind her was the American Beauty! What a day. Lori and I are going to enjoy our first Thanksgiving together after a 5 year absence! That's trucking. Towboating too?

Pics 24 - 29        (Nov 27th)

New Dawn & Nathan in Muscatine.
Jewel City, Darcee Lane & John Paul Jones in Dubuque

Pics 30 - 33        (Nov 29th)

Hello Richard's Group.
Busy day in Burlington today. I was headed to the lumber yard and got lost! As you can see, not the best weather.

Pic 34        (Nov 30th)

Izona & Nysha Rae @ Hall Towing, Fort Madison IA.

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004