Upper Mississippi                      of 
Angela K.

Sir Douglas

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - May 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1        (May 1st)

Took this picture on the North Bluff of Guttenburg IA. Hwy. 52 Angela K upbound, Mississippi River. Actual date was 4-25-07.

Pic 2        (May 4th)

Hey Dave
Thought you might get a kick out of this picture. Mother has sold her home, and we have been starting the moving and cleaning project. We also are getting things in order to have an auction.
We were going through some of Dad's things in the basement workshop and found this picture in a drawer. It was taken in Burlington IA. south of the old hwy. bridge. Apparently in high water. No idea who took the picture or who's boat?

Pic 3 & 4        (May 4th)

Hey Dave.
Took the girls for a ride down by the river this evening. Got a few shots, but it's pretty quiet tonight. Not even much traffic on the scanner.

Pics 5 - 10        (May 6th)

Hey Crew.
Took a trip to the river to do a bit of shooting. Lots of action today. Wish we could have been out there with the "big boys"!

BETTE-LYNN - lightboat, upbound, Burlington IA.
BETTE-LYNN - facing up for a bridge assist.
ANDREA LEIGH - downbound, Burlington IA.
ANDREA LEIGH JAMES F NEAL - passing in Burlington IA.
JAMES F NEAL - upbound in Burlington IA.
ANDREA LEIGH BETTE- LYNN - shoving through the BNRR bridge downbound.

Pics 11        (May 18th)

Hey Crew!
Caught the Bruce T. tied to the bank in Burlington IA.

Pic 12 - 17        (May 23rd)

Hey Guys!
Got to do a little boat shooting today! Drove downtown and caught quite a show.

BULLFROG! Lightboat, upbound.
DAVID L FIELDS downbound, passing through the BNRR bridge.
LAURIE S JOHNSTON lightboat, upbound.
LAURIE S JOHNSTON pilot house closeup.
MYRA ECKSTEIN upbound, passing under the hwy. bridge.
MYRA ECKSTEIN shot over the bow of the Laurie S Johnston!

Pic 18 & 19        (May 30th)

Hey Crew.
My mother found my Grandfathers operators license while packing for her move to a condo. I knew he had a boat that he hauled passengers on, but never thought about a license! The boat was called the "Silver Lady". My second houseboat was the "Silver Lady II".

Pic 20        (May 31st)

Hey Dave!
How true. Wish he was still around. Haven't been too good about keeping in touch lately, there is so much going on around here it's almost unbearable. Lots of construction, and everything is a mess. They are building all around us now and it will just be a matter of time before they push us out. It has my Lori upset, and that angers me! We are going to try to get Izona out this weekend. That will help calm the beast in us both. Last time I was home she wasn't feeling well, but is much better now after spending last weekend up at her Folks farm with the Family. I of course was the only one working. My Mother sold our old home my Grandfather built and is moving this Friday. Another sad project, but for the best. Bitter sweet, but it's too much for her to care for. I really want to get back on the "Family Tradition" but I guess as we get older we have priorities? What ever those are!!!!! I'll try to do a better job keeping in touch. I miss talking to you! I'll attach a picture of a few of the trucks they leave sitting around in the evening and weekend. Lori says she wants to sell them and use the money for boat gas! Might not be a bad idea? They still feed ya in jail right?

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004