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Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - March 07
by Tim Powell   

Pic 1        (Mar 8th)

Could not remember if I sent this picture of "Miss Kelly" sitting in the fleet in Burlington being prepared for business!

Pics 2 - 4        (Mar 19th)

Hey Crew!
Sorry about my absence, I have no excuse other than I'll throw myself on the mercy of the "River Rats"! Shot the Bill Miller, downbound and the Lauren (named after our Niece, she thinks) in Muscatine IA.

Caught the "Jane" downbound, lightboat, last week on our first ride of the season. Sorry I'm so far behind!

Pic 5        (Mar 23rd)

Hey Dave!
Had to drive the "Girls" downtown and caught the Sir Randy J. downbound with a single M/T. Burlington IA. pool 19 Mississippi River.
Bad day for pictures, as it's raining and a bit foggy. I tried to lighten it up a little, but it's not the best shot in the world.

Pics 6 - 9        (Mar 25th)

Hey Guys!
Took a little boat ride this morning.

BURLINGTON & BETTE-LYNN parked at the LW Matteson Fleet
Work Barge heading up river to do a job on an Island.
PELICAN taking flight just below lock & dam 18
SHOW-ME STATE shoving into lock 18

Pic 10        (Mar 26th)

MISS KELLY booty shot. Another shot taken in Burlington IA. at LW Matteson fleet, just above the BNRR bridge. Bullfrog just ahead off the port bow.

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

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