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Lucky welcomes you to Lock 18

Lucky welcomes you to Lock 18

     Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - March 06.... by Tim Powell

Pics 1 - 5        (March 26th)

Hello My Friend!
    Took a little ride up to the lock this morning. The way the weather ended up, we probably should have taken Izona out of mothballs!
    We caught the MV Frank Stegbuaer locking through upbound. Thought you might like a few pictures!

Pic 6            (March 22nd)

Hey Guys!
    Drove down by the River today with Lucky, and found a few boats working in Burlington. The Show-Me State was passing through the BNRR Draw Bridge. You can see her past the Miss Kelly, docked at Matteson Towing.

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004