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James L.

James L.

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - June 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 12        (Jun 1st)
There's Nothing Like Izona on the Mississippi to cure the Blues!!(dw)

Pic 13        (Jun 7th)
Its Not A Boat, But It Puts Bread On The Table!!(dw)

Pics 14 - 21        (Jun 17th)
  • Hey Crew,
    Went for a short boat ride this morning. As John mentioned, it was plenty warm. Too hot for Miss Lucky, and a bit too warm for Miss Lori as well. We launched at Fort Madison IA. and were greeted by the local welcome wagon ducks!
    17 June, picture by Miss Lucky!
  • Sir Randy J. upbound at Ft. Madison, IA
  • Houseboat! Hammer down southbound! Ft. Madison, IA
    What $3 a gal gas?
  • Tom Talbert upbound @ Montrose, IA
  • Miss Lucky checking out the river ahead
  • Bruce L. Hahn upbound @ Nauvoo, IL
  • Virginia Ingram downbound, just below Ft. Madison, IA
  • Bruce L. Hahn shoving upbound through the Ft. Madison bridge

Pics 22 - 29        (Jun 25th)
  • John Paul Jones in drydock @ newt Marine
  • Anatomy of a towboat - Lots of inside shots of Capt. Newt. Last shot shows her sitting in Ice Harbor, Dubuque, IA 6/25/07

Pics 30 - 40        (Jun 29th)
  • Izona! At the docks in Muscatine, IA, 29 June 2007. What a glorious day for a boat ride!
  • Bernard G. downbound passing through Muscatine
  • Bernard G., another view this morning
  • Nathan, parked along the levee in Muscatine
  • Izona with Mis Lori at the helm
  • Jaime Lynn, a new boat for the Izona towboat list! Upbound, just below Muscatine
  • Jaime Lynn "Jeff shot" or another view!
  • Captain Bear Ivie upbound just below Muscatine
  • Richard E. Waugh upbound just above L & D 17
  • Jessica Marie upbound at a high rate of fuel consumption!
  • JANICE MARIE sitting proudly in her slip in Muscatine Harbor! Good lookin old Gal!
    What a day we had! Hope you all like the shots, and wish you were all along for the ride. That's all for now, but I took several shots of each boat so let me know if you need any other pictures. I'll be happy to send along. Hope to go again tomorrow or Sunday.

Pic 41 - 49        (Jun 30th)
  • Hey Crew!
    Another new boat for the Izona list! Caught the GILDA SHURDEN downbound just below the BNRR bridge earl this morning. Is this boat too cool or what!
    Picture by Tim 30 June 2007!
  • Gilda Shurden, stern view!
  • Gilda Shurden - one last shot!
  • CLERMONT sad looking and sitting alone needing some TLC.
    Picture taken just above Burlington IA. 30 June 2007
  • Melissa K, north of Burlington waiting for a project!
  • Clermont -- A lot of history here! This was NASA's first towboat!
  • Cooperative Venture, downbound just above Burlington, IA
  • COOPERATIVE VENTURE & BURLINGTON building a tow in the fleet north of Burlington. The Skipper and crew of the Cooperative Venture were headed to St. Louis with a full 15 barges!
    Picture by Tim 30 June 2007!
  • Caught this big guy sunning himself!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004