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     Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - July 07
by Tim Powell

Pic 1        (July 1st)

Burlington, downbound lightboat with the sun in my eyes! Not good shootin' from the IA. bank in the morning.

Pic 2        (July 2nd)

Hey Dave!
Thought you and the Crew might enjoy this shot taken at Cascade Boat Club, by Jessica Kirby! She is the very Beautiful daughter of some of our close Friends.

Pics 3 - 13        (July 4th)

SCIOTO - in Dubuque Ice Harbor. 4 July 07, picture by Tim!
Even though I had to work on the 4th, as many of you did, I had a very good day! I stopped in at Newt Marine in Dubuque to see who might be on duty and caught up with a very nice Coast Guard Fellow who took me on tour of the Scioto. The MV Scioto is stationed in Keokuk IA. but is at Newt Marine for a few repairs. All the following pictures were taken at the same time and day!
  • Pic 3 - SCIOTO - starboard side galley, looking rearward.
  • Pic 4 - SCIOTO DSCF2636.JPG another picture taken in the galley.
  • Pic 5 - SCIOTO DSCF2637.JPG communications phone in wheel house.
  • Pic 6 - SCIOTO DSCF2638.JPG I was standing on the port side of the pilot house looking right.
  • Pic 7 - SCIOTO DSCF2639.JPG I took this shot from the "liar's bench"! What a tour I had!
  • Pic 8 - SCIOTO DSCF2643.JPG After the wonderful tour of the boat, we started checking out the work barge. I had no idea how much equipment it takes to place buoys in the right spot! Starboard side looking back from the bow.
  • Pic 9 - SCIOTO DSCF2644.JPG This is the work-shack on the stern of the barge. The crew members keep loads of equipment in here.
  • Pic 10 - SCIOTO DSCF2645.JPG looking down into the engine room in the lower part of the crew-shack. This engine runs the hydraulics for the barge.
  • Pic 11 - SCIOTO DSCF2646.JPG back on deck, on the bow looking back. They were sandblasting and painting so excuse the mess. The big crane is under the blue tarp. The rollers on the sides are where the "rocks" are placed to ready for dropping. That's it for my tour of the Scioto. Took as many pictures as they would allow, and was very happy for them! I thanked the Young Man for each and every one of us in advance. I also told him when they return to Keokuk with their newly repainted rig to keep an eye out for Izona!
  • Pic 12 - SCIOTO DSCF2647.JPG port side view, looking back from the bow. As you can tell they were redoing the bottom.
  • Pic 13 - SCIOTO DSCF2650.

Pics 14 & 15        (July 4th)

Stopped in Dubuque IA on the 4th of July and caught the Twilight tied up outside the harbor!

Pics 16 - 19        (July 4th)
  • LAURIE S JOHNSTON DSCF2653.JPG picture taken on 4 July 07 in Dubuque IA.
  • JOHN PAUL JONES DSCF2649.JPG back in the water after a stint on the drydock. Still needs a bit of TLC! Ice Harbor, Dubuque IA. 4 July 07
  • LADY P DSCF2648.JPG same spot, same day, bad shot!
  • Robin B. Ingram & Burlington!

Pics 20 - 30        (July 13th)
  • Pic 20 - This is a new boat for the Izona crew! The J Andrew Eckstein was sitting in Matteson's fleet on Fri 13. Picture by "The Crew"!
  • Pic 21 - BETTE-LYNN DSCF2709.JPG 13 July shoving 2 loads of corn to the fleet!
  • Pic 22 - Captain Lori shoving out of lock 18 upbound 13 July 07
  • Pic 23 - After locking through, we pulled into the marina in Oquawka ILL. to take this picture. The Liberty Jayne was built by a local Carpenter. His Daughter used to work with my Lori. What a boat!
  • Pic 24 - DSCF2731.JPG Miss Nikki light boat above Oquawka ILL. 13 July 07
  • Pic 25 - CORAL DAWN DSCF2733.JPG downbound with the Skipper waving out the door. He wanted to trade but I said no! I just bought gas! 13 July 07
  • Pic 26 - BRUCE T DSCF2740.JPG working the fleet in New Boston Ill. 13 July 07
  • Pic 27 - SIR-ENE DSCF2743.JPG downbound just below New Boston. Hey John! We don't get one of your boats up here too often! Thanks! 13 July 07
  • Pic 28 - MARY EVELYN DSCF2749.JPG waiting to lock through 17 downbound. 13 July 07
  • Pic 29 - IZONA DSCF2751.JPG shoving out of 18 downbound 13 July 07
  • Pic 30 - The End! DSCF2755.JPG last shot from Friday the 13th. Bette-Lynn downbound under the Burlington Bridge. Shot from the deck of Izona on her trailer.

Pics 31 - 33        (July 15th)

  • Pic 31 - Bruce Turner heading downbound lightboat on the James L.
  • Pic 32 - Went for a short boat ride last Sun. morning 15 July 07. Caught the Queen City downbound just south of lock 18.
  • Pic 33 - QUEEN CITY DSCF2770.JPG a bit farther down the river taking on groceries. 15 July 07

Pics 34 - 44        (July 19th)
  • Pic 34 - ELVA LEE - sitting in Dubuque Ice Harbor at her new home at Newt Marine!
  • Pic 35 - ELVA LEE - 19 July, stern shot. Newt Marine, Dubuque IA.
  • Pic 36 - ELVA LEE - another view with the Darcy Lane Newt in the picture.
  • Pic 37 - ELVA LEE DSCF2780.JPG another view
  • Pic 38 - JAMES FARIS - stern view 19 July 07, Dubuque IA.
  • Pic 39 - ELVA LEE - 19 July, starboard engine
  • Pic 40 - ELVA LEE - port side engine
  • Pic 41 - ELVA LEE - starboard side gear box with what appears to be an auxiliary rope pull starter? 19 July 07.
  • Pic 42 - J S ALBERICI - 19 July 07, Ice Harbor, Dubuque IA.
  • Pic 43 - LADY P - 19 July 07 in Dubuque Ice Harbor!
  • Pic 44 - J S ALBERICI - 19 July 07, Dubuque Ia.

Pics 45 - 55        (July 27th)
  • Pic 45 - HAMILTON - 27 July 07, picture taken from Izona, upbound passing Burlington IA.
  • Pic 46 - HAMILTON - 27 July, upbound passing the bluff, Burlington IA.
  • Pic 47 - COOPERATIVE VANGUARD - shoving into the fleet just above Burlington. 27 July 07
  • Pic 48 - RIVER CLEAN UP tied to the sea-wall in Burlington. They are planning a clean up in our area, and the news crew's are going to cover it. I'll try and send the article later. 27 July 07
  • Pic 49 - RIVER CLEAN UP another view!
  • Pic 50 - Water Gypsies, heading for St. Louis?
  • Pic 51 - JACOB MICHAEL ECKSTEIN downbound, lining up for the BNRR bridge. 27 July 07 picture by Miss Lucky!
  • Pic 52 - COOPERATIVE VANGUARD in the lock 18 upbound. 27 July 07
  • Pic 53 - SENATOR STENNIS upbound just below lock 18 27 July 07
  • Pic 54 - Izona on the beach!
  • Pic 55 - JAMES F NEAL & BURLINGTON working the fleet just above Burlington. 27 July 07. Last shot for a while, don't want to send too many. We had a great ride the other day in spite of the clouds. It never rained on us, but it would not matter if it did!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004