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       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - Jan 08
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 7        (Jan 13th)

   1 - Moving on down the river just a bit we saw the USCG Scioto moored along the bank. SCIOTO 01-13-08 Keokuk Iowa

   2 - OK Crew.
Somehow we have to come up with enough money to get my Lori's Jeep washed! Had to drive through the mud to get this picture!! NORMA CHRISTINA 01-13-07 Keokuk Iowa

   3 - This little guy is just too cool! I hope you can see it as I could not get into a good position to shoot! It was sitting on the bank right beside the Fred McKenzie. BULLDOG! 01-13-08 Keokuk Iowa

   4 - At last! The Fred boat!! I've been looking for this boat! I worked on this boat over 35 years ago for a very short time. I worked construction for Bob McKenzie for about a year before I decided to try my hand at trucking. The rest as they say is history! Sure looks different than I remember. FRED R MCKENZIE 01/13/08 Keokuk Iowa

   5 - Another shot of the Fred boat! Boy my Lori was mad at me? Something about all the KEEP OUT signs? FRED R MCKENZIE 01/13/08 Keokuk Iowa

   6 - Hey Crew.
Well, you have all seen this boat I think, but I thought since I was in Keokuk IA. I better shoot her again! Geo. M Verity 01/13/08 Keokuk Iowa.

   7 - Well Crew, that's about it for our Sunday drive. We pulled into Hall Towing in Fort Madison Iowa to take a picture of their fleet. From left to right is: Donna Rae, Denise Rae, and my favorite Hall boat the Nysha Rae. HALL FLEET 01-13-08 Ft. Madison IA.

Pics 8 - 16        (Jan 26th)

   8 - Crew Boat, Sunset Marina Rock Island Illinois.
This is one of two crew boats we saw yesterday, 01/26/08.

   9 - Crew Boat, Buffalo Iowa, 01/26/08
We found this Guy on our way home!!

   10 - EFFIE AFTON, Rock Island Illinois 01/26/08
Hey Crew!
Took a little ride to Rock Island today! Caught a few older towboats now being used for a casino.

   11 - EFFIE AFTON from the bow!

   12 - OCKERSON 01-26-08 Rock Island Illinois.
Now this is a new boat for me. Do not know a thing about her. Going to have to do a bit of research!

   13 - OCKERSON
Better shot of the wheelhouse.

   14 - TG GEROW 01-26-08 Rock Island Illinois.
As a kid I can remember this boat passing by Cascade Boating Assocation.

   15 - The Wheelhouse!

   16 - My Lori & I shot this picture of the TG GEROW last year, but thought I might include it as well!!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004