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Sir Douglas

Sir Douglas

       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - January 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 3        (Jan 8th)

Stopped by Canton Missouri on a return trip. Caught the car ferry and the Sir Douglas just below lock and dam 20.

Pic 4        (Jan 8th)

Paul B with an 18 wheeler leaving Canton MO. landing.

Pic 5        (Jan 10th)

Hey Ya-All!
Thought I'd send along a picture of a top notch dredge operation. Looks like a log caught in the auger? Starting to freeze into the ice. Where that unit is sitting, there is about 2 feet of water. That's why Izona is on a trailer and not in our local marina.

Pics 6 - 8        (Jan 12th)

Welcome home Mr. Barry!
Yes, Boys & Girls, that's ice hanging off Lori's boat. 21 degrees today, but it's supposed to get really bad tonight. just had to go for one more boat ride.

Pics 9 - 10        (Jan 13th)

Eric had asked for these dredge pictures, thought you all might like to see? Taken by Tim Powell Just below the Centennial Bridge, Rock Island Illinois, 09/15/06
PS - The dredge pilot on the WA Thompson tried to put Izona to work!

Pic 11        (Jan 13th)

Nysha rae
Denise Rae
Donna Rae
09/25/05 @ Hall Towing, Fort Madison IA.
Picture by Tim

Pic 12        (Jan 30th)

Stopped in Dubuque Iowa at Ice Harbor and caught the Capt. Newt on dry dock. 01/30/07 The temp. was 6 and you can see the flag standing at attention.

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004