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       Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - Aug 07
by Tim Powell   

Pics 1 - 4        (Aug 1st)

Hey Crew!
I'm finally back on line! Long week at work. I took a load from Peoria to Spring Valley Ill. and crossed the Illinois river at Lacon Ill. and shot the Maud & Opal sitting in port!
I hope I'm right on the names? I need one of your "big guns" to capture these far away shots! Pictures taken in the same spot, Lacon Illinois on 1 August 07.

Pic 5        (Aug 20th)

Nathan ...

Pic 6 - 12        (Aug 21st)

OK Crew!
I was traveling through Nebraska last week and came upon these boats sitting in a field? Could not get as close as I wanted, but here they are!
Wish the big piece of culvert was not in the picture. It looked like the prop was in a tunnel on this boat. Tunnel drives are popular on cruisers, why not a towboat?
This little guy looks like one of the boats McKenzie had?
Well Crew.
This is the last picture from the Nebraska find. Can't believe they would park a pair of perfectly good little boats in a field that far from the Missouri River? Hope somebody sees one they recognize!

Pic 13 - 24        (Aug 24th)

Hey Crew!
If anybody wants to just delete these, feel free. From what I have heard so far, everybody said to send.
I shot these yesterday in Peoria Illinois. 24 August 07. She was tied to the West bank of the Illinois River on the North side of the I-74 bridge.
I will not say any more as it speaks for it's self. Just wish I would have had more time.

Pic 25        (Aug 24th)

PETER FANCHI DSCF2941.JPG upbound, Burlington Iowa
picture taken in the rain 24 August 07

Pics 26 - 34        (Aug 26th)

26 - ANDREA LEIGH downbound just above Burlington IA.
27 - ANDREA LEIGH riding along at a fairly good clip with all the current! 15.5 feet and still on the rise. Not sure when the river is supposed to crest?
28 - Hey Crew.
Took the "Girls" for a short boat ride this morning. 26 August 07 Burlington IA.
29 - JAMES L DSCF2971 Lightboat, upbound working the fleet.
30 - JAMES L & IZONA working the fleet! Well, talking about the tree on the barge, but working the fleet sounds more official! 26 August 07 picture by deckhand Tim!
31 - Izona & James L DSCF2975 Lori is sitting in the starboard seat, Miss Lucky crawled up onto the barge so "Uncle Bruce Turner" could pet her! Miss Lucky is really turning into a little barge tramp! She just lets any old towboat Captain pet her!
32 - MELLISSA K DSCF2984 sitting at the north fleet waiting to go to work.
33 - CLERMONT DSCF2987 sitting at the North fleet 26 August, Burlington Iowa, picture by Tim
34 - Forward Watch by Miss Lucky! On time, on duty, and on the river!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004