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Homemade Boat

Homemade Boat

     Sightings on the Upper Mississippi - August 06.... by Tim Powell

Pics 1 - 2       (Aug 21st)

Hey Dave. Think you'll like this! The follow who is building this boat, his Daughter used to work with Lori. Hope we can go and get some better pictures! Tim

Pics 3 - 13        (Aug 21st)

Hello Guys. I stopped at Newt Marine on my way through Dubuque last week. All pictures were taken in Ice Harbor, Dubuque Iowa, on my way to Wisconsin. Wish I had been boatin' instead of truckin'!

Pics 14 - 19        (Aug 24th)

042 USCOE boat Southbound exiting lock 19 021 looking North at the lower end of lock 19
022 South end lock doors
023 chamber open, looking North
024 leaving lock 19 Northbound
025 looking at the South entrance to the Keokuk, IA. Yacht Club

Pics 20 - 23        (Aug 26th)

Hey Dave! Look at what we found this morning! I'll give the details tomorrow!

Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004