Upper Mississippi, Trip 29                    of  


Hello Blue Heron's Nest Crew!
Izona Trip Log Trip #29 08/24/06

It was 07:35 when we launched at Fort Madison, IA. Harbor. The weather was clear, cool and calm, for the time being. We pointed Izona southbound and away we went. As we passed by Hall Towing everybody was working away, but all took the time to give us a shout on the VHF.

Traveling on down to lock 19, Keokuk, IA. we were allowed to enter the lock chamber with a Corp's boat who was hard at work. After another pleasurable experience locking through, we continued on south. Found the "Kangaroo" tied in behind some barges, a boat I worked on some 35 years ago!

Our journey took us all the way down to the lock and dam 20, where we turned back upbound. This would be the half way point of our trip.

While overtaking the Northbound towboat, American Beauty, we noticed she was pulling a net. Never seen anything like that before. Finding out later it's a Government study of how many fish are disturbed by barge traffic. Our tax dollars at work?

We took lots of pictures around the Keokuk area, and again locked through #19 upbound. After exiting the lock we headed straight for the Keokuk Yacht Club so Miss Lucky could go ashore and stretch her legs. We visited with a few of the local Folks and were told the wind had came up and the "big water" at Montrose had 3' rollers.

The waves were not even noticeable in the Kann Built Izona, we rolled along over the top of the waves at 8 knots with hardly any spray! Every now and then I'd let her bow down a bit and let a wave roll over the nose just for fun, but then back on top!

We returned to the marina to load Izona at 18:30 with another 9.8 hours on the hour meter, and another wonderful trip to dream about!

Happy Boating & Sailing!
Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004