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Indian Creek Marina

Indian Creek Marina

Hello Blue Heron Family.

Izona took a road trip 07/29/05 to Mark Twain Lake in Missouri. It takes around 2.5 hours driving time, and is 121.2 miles from the Powell's driveway to the boat ramp!

What a day we had. This is a beautiful Lake and our pictures do not do justice. It is a must see for your self kind of a place.

We took several pictures of the two marinas, one of which is full of sailboats. (Do we know anybody with a sailboat?) It is not unusual to see depths over 70', and 45' is an average.

The local folks are very friendly, and in Missouri there are no strangers. We visited with several houseboat owners who complemented us on our boat, and find the only problem we ever have is getting away from the dock!

I could go on, and on, but I'll let the pictures speak for them self.

Happy Boating & Sailing!
Tim, Lori & Miss Lucky!

"Izona" built 2004