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"Welcome to All River Lovers"

Here we hope your dreams of Voyaging can come closer to reality. I believe the inland waters of America are an underutilized source of Peace and Tranquility for all of us. During the week, one can travel twenty miles on most rivers without seeing another human being. At hull speeds, animals are not startled as you pass, banks are not washed away in your wake, the driftwood just ahead can be avoided, lower horsepower is required, and gas consumption is nill and affordable. The busy pace of your life gently slips away and is replaced with a serenity that mystifys.

A succesful journey of more than a weekend, whether in a kayak or a yacht, requires knowledge and careful planning. It has been said that the planning can be as rewarding as the trip. The payoff is much greater than you think. Each successful trip brings a lifetime of good memories; of places, events, and new friends you've met. Enjoy.

Stream of the Month:  Winter is a great time to check out the St Johns river in Florida

Virtual Voyager Stream Count is now 106, Recent River Updates/Additions are listed below:
Added Barren River, from mouth on the Green to Barren River Lake.
Added Big Black River, tributary of the Mississippi.
Added Big Muddy River, tributary of the Mississippi.
Updated Big Sandy River, added Points of Interst and a few more miles, up to the Needle Dam.
Added Buck Creek, a tributary of the Ohio river across from Brandenburg, KY.
Added Buffalo River (TN), tributary of the Duck River.
Added Cahaba River, tributary of the Alabama.
Added Canadian River, from mouth on the Arkansas to Eufala Dam.
Added Caney Fork River, from mouth on the Cumberland to Center Hill Lake.
Added Flint River, another tributary of the Tennessee river, and an excellent canoe and kayaking stream.
Added Gasconade River, a tributary of the Missouri.
Updated Green River, added half mile points from mile 108 to 151.5.
Updated Hiwassee River, added mile points from head of navigation on charts all the way to Apalachia Dam, mile 67.
Added Kiskiminetas River, a tributary of the Allegheny.
Updated Licking River, added mile points from mile 9 to 180.
Added Little River, tributary of the Cumberland, with half mile points from mile 18 to 55.
Updated Little Kanawha River with half mile points, and a button to allow Upstream/Downstream preference.
Added Loosahatchie River, a tributary of the Mississippi above Memphis, TN.
Added Obey River, from mouth on the Cumberland to Dale Hollow Dam, in 1/10th mile increments.
Added Obion River, tributary of the Mississippi in NW Tennessee.
Added Osage River, a tributary of the Missouri.
Added Paint Rock River, below Guntersville Dam on the Tennessee river.
Added Piney River (Middle TN), tributary of the Duck River.
Added Roaring River, from mouth on the Cumberland to state hwy 111.
Added Rock River, a tributary of the Mississippi.
Added Sequatchie River, tributary of the Tennessee River below Nickajack Dam.
Added Wolf River, a tributary of the Mississippi, at Memphis, TN.
Added Wyaconda River of Missouri, a tributary of the Mississippi.
Added Buck Creek, a tributary of the Ohio.
Updated the White River by extending miles to Bull Shoals Dam, mile 415.


The motor purrs
as I glide along,
the parting water
singing its song

The porpoise jumps,
the otter plays,
This is how
I spend my days

New sights and sounds
round each river bend,
the beauty of nature
Man's soul does mend

Rivers are mystical and spiritual places that bring us closer to our universal creator, God.
One cannot journey alone on the waters without feeling his presence, inhaling his essence, and slowly being filled with knowledge and truth.
From the mussels in the rivers bed, to the stars over your head, beauty and goodness find you there.
If ever there was a true and pure love, it manifests itself in your surroundings.
Thank you Lord, for the gift of rivers.

100th Birthday
Hattie Louise's 100th Birthday

100th Birthday 2
Hattie Louise's 100th Birthday

Centenarian recalls a life well lived

by June Wilson
Born in Pembroke, Kentucky, on February 29, 1916, Hattie Louise, a long-time resident of Hendersonville, enjoys recalling old times-the good and the bad. One of the good times that's special to her in times past was time spent with her future husband, Reavis. She said, "Our courting consisted of going to Centennial Park to watch free movies and eating five cent ice cream cones."

The young couple was married in 1932. "We were married at the preacher's the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in East Nashville."

During the 1930s, the young husband took a job for the Nashville Railway and Light Company, now the Nashville Electric Service. It wasn't long before the couple added two children to their nest-David and Shirley.

Not to be content with missing the adventures of the working world, Louise, as she prefers to be called, put on her office attire in 1951."I began working part-time at the Baptist Sunday School Board, (now known as Lifeway), wrapping packages of church literature," she recalled. "Later, I worked in the office of that same department. After 14 years, I worked as a full-time employee in the accounting and control department as an account service clerk until retirement in 1982."

Louise and Reavis lived in the Hendersonvile house they bought in 1958 until his death in 1999.
She attributes her long life to "clean living" and, in part, a good marriage. "We weathered the hardships of the Depression and World War II. I am greatful for our life together for 66 1/2 years before he passed away," she added.

In Memory - Carl Maurer
In Memory of Carl Maurer

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