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Apalachicola, FL to Port Brownsville, TX

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Apalachicola, FL Port St. Joe, FL Panama City, FL Fort Walton Beach, FL Pensacola, FL Mobile, AL Pascagoula, MS Biloxi, MS Gulfport, MS New Orleans, LA Houma, LA Morgan City, LA Lake Charles, LA Orange, TX Beaumont, TX Port Arthur, TX Galveston, TX Houston, TX Texas City, TX Freeport, TX Port O'conner, TX Rockport, TX Aransas Pass, TX La Quinta, TX Corpus Christi, TX Port Mansfield, TX Port Isabel, TX Port Brownsville, TX
Port-to-Port Distances
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    To Port:           
Statute Miles Nautical Miles Kilometers

Data Source: Distances Between United States Ports , 2002 (9th) Edition, by U.S. Dept. of Commerce & NOAA & NOS

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