Virtual Voyagers

Due to Microsoft Changes to Bing Maps API, Virtual Voyagers are no longer able to be seen. Please check back, we are working on it.

By selecting the river or waterway in this table, you will be able to view it mile-by-mile, and select points of interest for some, but not all. You can zoom in and out for the level of detail desired, pan, or drag the picture and traverse your favorite tributary stream. If you live near a river, you can find your own house. Enjoy!

Try each of the map sizes below to find the best fit for your screen size and download speed.

NOTE: WARNING - Do not use these maps for navigation purposes. They are intended as a planning aide only. Accuracy is no more than 80% at best. Please read legal disclaimers.

  • MSN's ViaVirtualEarth/LiveLocal Developers Resource team
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Data Center
  • Jerry Hay and his "Wabash River Guide Book"