Canals are a boon for boaters.
They save the voyager many miles, and have their own unique beauty.

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This site has only created a few web pages on Canals. For much more information, use the GNIS Query Form in the link at the bottom of this page. If a "WIKI" web page can be found when using "Google" or a similiar search engine, it will have good information too.
STATUS NOTE: The Canals that have any information entered at all in this site are listed here, with the date last updated.

Canal Name Last Updated
Arkansas Post 05-01-08
Barkley 01-17-02
Cayuga Seneca1 08-26-07
Champlain1 08-25-07
Erie1 08-25-07
Oswego1 08-25-07
1 Section of New York State Barge Canal System

Canal Cams ... watch the boats go by:

Erie Canal, North Tonawanda, NY Cam ... Upper terminal of the great Erie Canal where it joins the Niagara River. This canal goes from east to west across the state of New York. It begins in Albany, NY.
Cape Cod Canal Cam ... This USACE maintained land passage from Buzzards Bay to Cape Cod Bay saves ships 135 miles of open ocean. Many large vessels can be watched.
Hood Canal, Washington... The Hood Canal is actually a fjord off Pugent Sound. This is a very beautiful area with many state parks lining its shores
Panama Canal...See some of the largest ships in the world passing from ocean to ocean.

Links to sites with info on Canals in General:

USGS Geographic Names Information System......Query form for most complete lists, maps, etc.
Raging Canal blog .....a great news source for the Erie Canal
N.Y. State Canal System ..... a really good site!
Blue Seas Cruising info .....great info for the Erie Canal plus many other cruising destinations
North American Canals ..... Very Large Canals Site
Jim Shead's Waterways Information .....Canals, waterways of the UK