Home built boat on Upper Mississippi - by Tim Powell

You can buy one new or used, you can build may hope, but, this is the most important decision you will face !

You dont have to be a rich man to go voyaging. Some boyhood buddies and I did it in a wooden homemade river skiff for the price of $5. The story of how and why this boat came to be was published in a national magazine called Messing About In Boats. I used to subscribe to about five boating magazines, but this one is the one I cant live without! Filled with info on small boats, and true stories of voyages in them. It is published twice a month, 24 times a year, at slightly over One Dollar an issue $32/year. See links.

Messing About In Boats
29Burley Street
Wenham, MA 01984
(978) 774-0906

If you have the money, and if you only plan to take one other person with you, there is a boat called a C-Dory that cant be beat. I did own a small cabin on the upper end of Old Hickory Lake on the Cumberland River, and very little traffic is on this part of the river this time of year (11-5-01). As I was rolling Thompsons water sealer on the deck today, I saw the first C-dory I had ever seen on the Cumberland, and she was a beauty! Looked like blue trim on the boat, which was white, with a green cockpit awning. If this was you, drop me an e-mail...tell me about your voyage, if you allow me to, Ill put it on this site, so others can share...thats what this site is all about!!.
This particular boat is also known as the River Horse in a book called River Horse by William Least Heat-Moon, about a Voyage Across America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

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