Bends come in all sizes. Some are long and lazy, some are short and sharp and extremely dangerous for the voyager. It is best to take the outside of the bend, because if a tow or other commercial vessel is coming toward you, he will most likely take the inside of the bend. The General Jackson showboat nearly ran me aground on the inside of a bend years ago. Lesson Learned, enough said. Most of these listings were taken from the USGS Geographical Names Information System, If the word "Bend" was found in the classification, it will be listed here.

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This site has created no web pages dedicated just to Bends, yet...but at some point it will. For much more information, use the GNIS Query Form in the link at the bottom of this page. If a "WIKI" web page can be found when using "Google" or a similiar search engine, it will have good information too.

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USGS Geographic Names Information System......Query form for most complete lists, maps, etc.